Thursday, June 21, 2012

Parco Cafe

Our Dinner $55++(Shared among 2 pax), with additional order of Foie Gras


Pan-seared foie gras burger with caramelized apple, onion marmalade and crispy lettuce

There's a wierd smell on the foie gras. Have never experience this smell before

Breads!! Although I'm on a 'no wheat' diet, I managed to grab a few small bites out of each of them.

On the left: Olive bread
Center: Lavender Bread
Right: I can't remember, sorry =|

Chickpea cream soup Seared gamberi prawn tails and Rosemary

Look at the serving! Nice thou


Homemade braised wagyu beef cheek tortilla served with taleggio sauce 
Too creamy for me

Lemon sole and prawns, artichoke mash and lobster bisque

My first time eating artichoke. Taste a lil sour n pungent. Acceptable to me =)

Lemon honey kurobuta rib
Japanese pork rib tossed in lemon honey sauce

This is super delicious! ribs were not too dry, n the amount of honey used is just right! Does not required too much effort to separate the bones with the meat.

Gula melaka

Dessert to end the meal. Nothing too fancy but the good old gula melaka.

Note: This set meal is really for 1 pax. we were still not feeling full by the time we finished this meal. So beware! =D

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