Tuesday, September 4, 2012

July's Bellabox

July's Bellabox

I was waiting patiently and at the same time, excitedly for my box and it finally came. Congrats to the gals who won the Tiffany necklaces.

The reason for delaying this post is that I've received my Jimmy Choo's perfume bottle without the perfume?!?!

My colleague did not believe what she saw and she even managed to open the rubber stuff at the opening to triple make sure that it is emply.. LOL! Lucky for me, bellabox was readily is replying and offered to re-sent me the perfume at no extra cost.

The only thing I've started to use is the twist bands.. Although it clainms that it will not cause any marks on the hair, but for me, there are still marks after I have un-tied it.

Have anyone started to use the twistbands yet? Did it leave any marks on your hair? Pls shared.. =DD

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