Saturday, June 16, 2012

June's Bellabox

Received my bellabox just minutes before a 2 hr meeting last Friday.

By the way, they have changed their courier from singpost to courex. Apparently, hear some bad reviews about the courier company. Personally I prefer TA-Q-BIN as it is easier to arrange for a redelivery than other couriers.

Anyways, here are the products received for June

I have to admit that I seldom use the products except for a few,
-          Have been using this since the feb bellabox came (omg 4 momths already!) and it seems to last forever.

-          I have almost used up and I like the scent. Will consider to repurchase given the fact that I seldom use perfume and I have around 5 bottles of full size perfumes idling in my cupboard.

-          Not bad, not oily, will not repurchase as it is too ex. Forgotten the price, probably around 90-ish or 100-ish I think.

-          Used right after my DIY hair colour and it leaves my hair so soft!
-          A little goes a long way. Will consider to repurchase when I have finish my 2 bottles of Essential nuance airy hair serum.

-          Too oily for the full face for the first use, on the second use (the same capsule) I only used it for the neck and drier portions on my face. There should be a third use if I did not accidently squirt it onto the floor.
-          This is probably great for gals with drier skin, of when travelling to a drier climate country.
Now, I have 2 boxes for storage as the usual pink box comes with this delivery box 
bella box cost $15 per months and bella box often consist of at least 1 retail size sample, of not, they will have more than 5 sample size items.

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