Monday, June 25, 2012

Food Allergy / Intolerance

Came across this at and bought it without thinking too much.

 Went for a Food Intolerance & Allergy Test by Healing Resonance.

At Block 7 Everton Park #01-19 Singapore 080007, which is very near to my office.

Turns out that I have intolerance to wheat, gluten and milk =(

That means, I cannot have prata, thosai, all kind of breads, milk, noodles (includes instant noodles), yogurt, biscuits, Milo =( etc. Almost all the food that I love!

Bought these medication, which is suppose to help with my stomach bloating. Total damage $88 +$68 = $156.
I really did stay away from wheat products for 5 days, until the 6th day, I was feeling hungry in the office and I ate 2 pc of cheese biscuits. Only 2 pcs, and it left my tummy bloating until the next morning. And I still have 1 new box of it at my work station.
The good part is, my tummy definitely feel less bloated after avoiding wheat. The doctor advise my to stay away for 1 month, and then probably to eat them occasionally. I will feel that occasionally means treats. Haha.
Its good to know what you are allergic or intolerant to as the usual GP does not tell you when you go to them. There are other more in-depth tests out there. Be sure to find out more before paying!

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