Friday, May 18, 2012

Bioderma Sensibio H2O


I've found the photos of the remover results in my hard disk... lucky me

I’m currently using this makeup remover for removing me makeup daily. This is super expensive in SG (Found in Guardian S$30+ for 250ml). However, thanks to my aunt who is living in Paris, she always get 2 bottles for me on her annul trip back to SG.
It is almost EUR12 (appx S$20) for the 500ml bottle, which is more value for money than any makeup removers available in SG (tell me if I’m wrong).  It is available in HK and Taiwan too probably more or less same priced as France.
Get it at bonjour if anyone is going to HK cause it is definitely going to be cheaper than SASA or in the Bioderma retail shops as they often have promotions going on.
Products used:

The Solution:

On lazy weekends, where I do not have to step out of the house, I use it to remove all traces of oil on my face after I woke up and continued with my usual routine of facial products.
It serves the same purpose as bifesta (formally known as Cleansing express) which i used interchangeably when my Bioderma runs out. Selling at S$16-S$18+ for 300ml bottle at Watsons if my memory doesn’t fails me.
The only down side for Bioderma is that it does not comes in a pump, and I would more than often have too much liquid on the cotton pads and some dripped on the floors =( 
If you are, like me, a lil clumsy, you can transfer into a smaller bottle with pump, so that you can save some space on the vanity table, and most importantly, the products that go wasted on the floor.

Just when I'm going to post this. I realised that the photos taken for the post is lost! All Lost!!!
These are the results:

Products used:
First wipe (Bobbi Brown from the left)

Second wipe(Bobbi Brown from the top)

Third wipe (Bobbi Brown from the left)

The above are the only ones I can retrieve. As far as I can remember, Heroine make mascara is the only one that didn't budge during cleansing and that is the only mascara that doesn't smudge after a long day.

I'm using this:
Got it during Watson's promotion sometime back and I didn't look back to other mascara remover after since.

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