Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Went to Lush@ wisma sometime during Jan or Feb to get myself their solid shampoo..

I was amazed by all the raves I've seen online so thus I decided to get myself one of it to try out.

After talking with the SA regarding my hair type n etc, she recommended me this:

jumping juniper S$16.90/pc for one that is slightly smaller than the size of your palm

Their website states one solid shampoo= 2 to 3bottles of shampoos!

Directions for using:
simple! you either
1: lather the soap on your palms before transferring them onto ur head, or
2: use it directly onto your head the same way when you use a soap on your body

First try, it leaves my scalp super clean... hair n scalp feels like skin freshly after bath... u noe, those squeaky sound u get from after the bath.... I don't know of other words to describe it... I only need to use 1 pump of my usual conditioner( usually I used 2 pumps)

I've noticed my hair volume increases a little after 2 months of using, but...


My hair starts to tangle alot and they became brittle... super sad whenever I comb my hair as they ALWAYS get tangled and dropped even when I used my least force to de-tangle them.

I still have half of it left after using continuously for 2 to 3 months, and now I'm back in alternating my usual liquid shampoo and the lush one.

verdict: I will not repurchase this again. Probably the SA did not recommend the right shampoo for me, I'm probably better off using my usual shampoo.

Can anyone tell me how long can a bottle of 500ML last for? for hair that reached almost halfway thru the back.

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