Saturday, June 30, 2012

Friday Photo Meme - Random things in my bag Edition

Carrying on from last friday's Meme, these are the random items in my bag

Other than the 5 items mentioned previously, here are the others

I do not normally put on perfume as I always forget to do so before I leave my house, so whenever I see it and feel like putting on some perfume, I'll use this. I got mine from Robinson, apparently now Watsons sells them too. They are not very cheap, probably S$20+-. but definately useful. I have a problem with mine sometime ago (unable to refill), and email their customer service people (in UK I guess). And they actually mailed me another one of the same colour at no additional cost. I guess this is better than those cheaper ones cause if there are any problems with them, there will be no replacement. =DD
I think this we can be put in the carry on luggage during travelling So pop over to their website and have a look.
BTW I'm using flora by gucci for this spray.

2. Wet tissues
I got mine from Watsons, and I only use this 2 types

3. Makeup on the go
These are emergency items in my bag in case of last minute dates or in mornings when I only have time for basic makeup (bb creams and eyebrows) and I have a date in the evening
4. Moisturisers & hairclips

Hand moisturizer from crabtree transferred into a squeezable tube that I got from Sasa.
Lipbalm. I’d get cracked lips every now and then, not very frequently but often unexpectedly. So it is a PR (permanent resident) in my bag and I’ll dig for it whenever I need it.
Hairclips for days when my fringe annoys me

5. Bank tokens and bag hanger
Bank tokens. Need to check whether my pay has arrive >_<
Bag hanger. When I don’t feel like putting my bag behind my seat or there is no place for my bag when I’m at a restaurant.

Recap of the list:

1. Travelo
2. Wet tissues
3. Makeup on the go
4. Moisturisers & hairclips
5. Bank tokens and bag hanger

Hurry up and join in the fun!

Leave a comment with a link to your post if you do take part! I'd like to know if there are anyone out there sharing similar things as me =))

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  1. the travelo looks super cool!
    i will look into it! :D