Saturday, May 19, 2012

过大礼 (Guo Da Li)

Quoted from website:

In Chinese Culture, a marriage is considered the joining of two families.  Thus the parents of the bride's and groom's get involved in their wedding planning from very early on.  Two families pick an auspicious date as the Betrothal Day.  This is a formal meeting between the parents of the perspective bride and groom. The groom's family presents various proposal gifts that represents fertility and prosperity in Chinese culture, which is also known as "Grand Gift" or "Guo Da Li".  All gifts should come in even numbers, meaning "good things double" in Chinese culture.  Thus, the two are considered officially engaged. 

I got my items from "the chinese wedding shop" at jubilee complex at AMK

these are the items i got:

Betrothal 过大礼 Package

Dowry 嫁妆 Package (changed the teasets coz this is too cute)

Aside from the packages, i add on these
They allow you to take out not more than 3 items in their package list. For example, if u feel that you don't like the bowl or teasets in their shop, you can deduct them (the cost) from the total package price and get the sets elsewhere.

I only managed to capture their Dowry Package list for Hokkien

Wedding cakes from bengawan solo (as usual for most people) and 大中国's 四色饼。
No picture of that as i totally forgotten to take a picture (they were soo delicious!).

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