Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My first KL trip by plane (Sep12)

I know the title looks sua ku, but this is really my first time going to KL via plane. The rest of the time was by car.

Tagged along my HB for a business trip earlier last month, I got a culture shock when I arrived at KL airport coz its the first time I actually walked down the stairs from the plane entrance/exit directly onto the landing area.

Left: Bus ticket to the nearest train station. Right: Train ticket

Train platform.

This is my first time taking train

Train exterior.

Except for the bigger gap between platform and train, not much difference to our MRT 

Train interior

Extremely spacious with cool aircon. Not like SMRT -_-

I basically spent Day1 in the hotel room with no windows, 'nuahing' and watching tv and putting masks and etc.


Followed HB around with his dad's friend driving him to meet customers. Not much pictures as the places are more ulu than Tuas.

Cute kitten spotted while we were having coffee

Took LRT around in the evening

They actually have this cute looking plastic token to replace the conventional tickets/cards. Scan it as what you do with ez link cards at the gantry, pop them into the gantry on your way out. (looks like putting coins in those piggy rides)

The locals are using cards thou.

Shopping time!

This sephora building is so beautiful!!! can it be called a building coz it is only 2 stores high? 2nd floor is its warehouse I think. Coz I saw a lift but it was not for customer.

We shared dinner as we were not too hungry

Most tender medium rare beef ! and the sauce was delicous

Super creamy pumpkin soup, too creamy for me.

Some desserts we bought in the mall

Day 3

TWG for me while waiting at the lobby for HB
I was finishing the pot of tea when HB came along and ordered this super chocolatey cake. Yummie~

No home sweet home for me as I've gotta work the next day. I hate work >_<
For some reasons I don't know of, I like taking the plane as much as I like to be soaked in the pool/seaside, but taking plane is too expensive for me, except for this trip as it cost just $100 by air asia.

I miss the plane so much now.O_O

Can't wait for another trip on plane soon!

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