Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Food Intolerance - 1 month after

It has been exactly a month since my last visit to the Healing Resonance. (this post), which I was told to avoid wheat and milk products as I have an intolerance to them. Well, I haven’t been listening to the nutritionist totally. It was so difficult to completely avoid them unless I cook my own meals EVERYDAY! (although I do bring bentos for lunch, I just hate the washing part.)
Some bentos that I've made in June:

I took the medications religiously, although I didn’t completely avoid wheat products (can’t bring myself to avoid cakes and pastries, I avoid noodles and pasta thou). Been living like a southern Chinese (their staple is mainly rice and rice products, northern Chinese’s staple is noodles, dumplings, and other wheat products).

The result, I experience less bloat-ness in my stomach, which means, no unnecessary burping after meals! =))

I’m trying to incorporate some wheat products back to my diet. According to the nutritionist, the best way to fight intolerance is to eat a variety of food, do not just consume a certain type! I still avoid eating wheat (noodles, pastas, bread, etc) as a meal, but only part of a meal. For example, instead of eating just pasta, I’ll trade ½ of it with whoever wants to share with me and is having non-wheat (eg: rice).

It is still quite troublesome, but at least I can get to eat 2 types of food for my meal =DD

Bellabox will be delivered today! Can’t wait for mine to arrive.

I have not received my box yet =(


  1. How's the Resonance doing for you?

  2. Hi Edna

    they basically told me which food types I have intolerance for, but they also did told me not to avoid them totally (which is confusing), but I've found out since I'm not allergic to them, y not include some of them in my diet.