Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Photo Meme - Daily Skincare Edition

Hi everyone! Its Friday again..  It’s time for Photo Meme! Although I know not much people know of the existent of my blog, but I still do hope you guys join in the fun too =))
 1.       Toner 
I’m currently using Tea Tree Toner by Lush, and alternating with DHC’s Acerola Lotion at times.
I actually prefer Lush than DHC because:

-          It’s quicker to applyà Just spray all over face
-          Cheaperà Lush:  S$24 for 250g & DHC: S$30+ for 100ml (Sorry can’t remember the price cause I always get friends to buy for me when they go o Taiwan or Japan and since I alternate it with Lush, I don’t use up as quickly)

2. Serums 
Clarins serum was introduced by my friend around 2 years ago, I wasn’t using any serum back then.
No one commented whether my face grew slimmer, probably I was lazy to follow all the steps of the facial massage  (included in the packaging)

Lancome Genifique
Sample size from June’s Bella Box. Can’t see obvious effect on me too

Sample size from June’s Bella Box. I don’t have to apply moisturizer at night if I use 5-6 drops of this baby. If I were to skimp on it n use 3-4 drops, I’ll have to use it with moisturizer. I’ve tried not using moisturizer with 3-4 drops, and the area along my nose started to peel =(

3. Eye Cream 
Ginvera Jade Dark Circles Roll away  à Around S$18, but I got it for prob like S$10-12 in a sale
Skin Doctors Eyecircles  à S$69, but I got it for JUST S$6 during warehouse sale

I don’t see any prominent effects on my eyecircles, probably due to the vein that sits right at the bottom of the circles making it look obvious. But anyways, at least they don’t give me milia seeds like other products do.

4. Moisturiser 
Obviously Laneige will be used in the evening only. (That’s  why it is also called the sleeping mask!). word of caution: I’ve tried using it nightly as I was lazy to use other sheet mask, and I experience reverse effects à Area around my nose started to peel too  -_-‘’’

Don’t ask me how much. No idea either as I always get friends to get it when they are in Korea. Really afraid to fork out that price in SG when no one goes to Korea in the future =|

Skin Doctors Super Moist
Got it from warehouse sale together with Skin Doctors Eyecircles @ S$5 (UP S$79). So far so good, can’t stock up because they are near expiry items =((. They looked super heavy but they are actually not. Good for the neck too

Clarins HydraQuench Cooling Cream-Gel
A free gift together with Clarins V-Shaping serum (From Clarins counter in JB, they are having promotion until this Sunday!)

Not a fan of it especially when the colour of the cream is slightly like custard, but more to brownish shade

5. Sun block 
 I suddenly can’t remember what is the first sunblock I’ve used, but I’ve used this Clarins UV Plus HP (SPF 40 PA+++ 30ml) sunscreen since I first started with the V-shaping serum  as it is part of the free gift that comes together. Have used it for almost 2 years, and it is still going strong. Will consider to buy when I have completely used up. But it is a little expensive… What should I do??

ZA True White (SPF 30 PA+++, 30ml)
This is initially a replacement for Clarins UV Plus HP but I soon realized the difference. It has those slight shimmering effects and it makes me face whiter than usual when I put on makeup. Of course, the ‘white’ effect fades out throughout the day. But now I only use it during weekends when I don’t put on makeup. Retails at S$20+

Sun Toner from Etude house (SPF 30 PA++80ml)
Not available anymore in Singapore and JB ( I bought mine from JB and that’s the last time I seen it). Super affordable, just look at the size, I think it is less than S$20 after conversion, and it is for face and body! Yes I am lazy to apply to my body everyday, but I do use it when I’m out for swimming or cycling. It just makes packing a lot better (1 less thing to bring out)

Wanna take part?

Recap of my list
1.       Toner
2.       Serum
3.       Eye cream
4.       Moisturizer
5.       Sun block

Or you can try those from the previous theme:
Leave a comment with a link to your post if you do take part! I'd like to know if there are anyone out there sharing similar things as me =))

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