Saturday, June 23, 2012

Friday Photo Meme - What’s in my bag during workdays Edition

Came across these 2 blogs (Yumeko & QueerPinkFish) about today’s title. It is started by Yumeko. Every Friday, Yumeko will do a photo meme of 5 photos with different themes.
Here are the few she's done before..

These are the 5 things I will bring along even if I change my bags

1. Handphone

Sorry for the lousy quality, this was taken by my ex-phone (Iphone 3Gs) and I grabbed it from my facebook account. All (if not, most) of my pictures in this blog are taken using my current Galaxy S2.

2. Portable charger
This is a must have! I got mine from gmarket )now known as Q0010. My phone’s battery gets drained quite fast. Even when I have fully charged it, when I wake up the next morning, 50% of the battery will be gone. Also, I play a lot of games when I travel (to distract myself from those annoying fellow commeters).

3. Earphone
What is a game without music? During workdays while travelling. Serves the same purpose as #24. Wallet

Stores most of my cards and ID. My then bf (now HB) got this for my birthday almost 2 years ago

5. Tissue holder

My friend gave it to me during one of the Christmas probably like 2 years ago (I can’t remember when). I also used this to my EZ-link card and some loose change and use them during lunch on workdays as I don’t want to bring my wallet because of its size.

It used to have the nicest circles as shown, but over the time they came off =(

Come and join in the fun too!

What’s in my bag during workdays Edition:
1. Handphone
2. Portable charger
3. Earphone
4. Wallet
5. Tissue holder


  1. Do you like the S2 more than the iphone?
    what sort of games do you play on it?

    wow how did all the circles come off your tissue pouch? i had to look at the pics several times to realise what you meant by circles.

    Thanks for joining in! i love seeing what u have! hope you will join in againXOXO

  2. Hi Yumeko.. So excited to see your reply =DD

    I definately like S2 more than iphone. The pictures taken by S2 is awesome, especially in dark places when iphone's always gives a smoking background (hope u know what i meant)

    I'm currently playing tiny station and scramble with friends, at times, i also play angry birds =D

    The circles, I guess its part of the wearing off process, they got wore off just like that and i don't even get to see their remains lol...

    Definately I'm joining again.. its so much fun! And I have an idea.. you can do something like, 5 games/apps you play on your phone (o_o)

    Thanks for popping by =))

    1. Thanks for letting me know :D
      will think abt it!!