Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Photo Meme - Childhood Snacks

Yay it’s Friday! This time, it's gonna be all about snacks that you've had in your childhood.

It's wierd coz I've scheduled this post in mid Aug but it still shows as draft!

Nevertheless, these are some childhood snacks that I love back then, and now too! =))

1. Dragon Beard Candy  

2. Malt Candy

I still remember they used to sell it in big metal bowls, with lots of disposable wooden plastics stuck into it. Whenever a customer buys it, the vendors will split the chopsticks and swirl the malt candy until it forms a round-like shape. And we have to keep doing that while eating to prevent the candy from melting due to the heat in the mouth.

3. Poh Piah (Sweet)

On bottom, is the candy used as the filling, together with grounded peanuts. I think it is malt too, since it is always found together with dragon beard candy

4. Mua Chee

Made of glutinous rice powder, were cutted and roll onto the mixture of peanut and sugar (similar to the sweet poh piah) and eat as it is.

5. Buttered sweetcorn (No pictures)

Sold in many places including pasar malam, it is a totally ripped off! You can make it yourself by steaming sweetcorn kernels, sprinkle some salt and butter just before serving.

What was/were your favourite childhood snacks? Are they still available now? Do you still eat them frequently?

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