Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Photo Meme - GSS

It’s Friday again!

This time its all about things I've bought during the GSS season. not all of them are having promotions when I bought them, so keep a lookout for more promotions in the stores =)

1.  uCozy 
This is relatively new as I just got it in June. It is part of the bundle deal with uRelax that I got from OSIM during GSS. It cost S$138 separately (S$188 for the uRelax), but the bundle cost only S$288. The most exciting part? HB paid for it. Ha!

2. Heels from Pedro

Can you believe that it cost only S$39.90? part of the GSS sales item. UP S$89

3. uRelax
Actually this belongs to HB, which is now 'stationed' in the living room. Everyone treat it as a normal seat cushion now, occassionally, kids will play with the vibrating mode at the seat (read: area where the butt sits on). Now, it just sits at the dinning chair in the living room collecting dust! haha.

4. Sunplay UV Body Mist Sunblock SPF80 PA++ 

Sorry, the Mayasia site is the closest place I can find. I decided to get this baby (S$17.90 from Watsons, non promotional price) after seeing reviews from Alexis. Different product, but for the same purpose.

I have not tried this out yet, hope I will(can) use this religiously as I'm so lazy to apply anything on my skin (other than face) after my bath, especially prior to going out, unless I'm exercising.
I've managed to try this for once (at last!) it asorbed pretty quickly and the 'oily-ness'' (omg is there such word?) does not stay for long. I have to keep re-applying before i actually step out for the activity cause I thought I did not apply to those areas when I actually did!

The only down point is as it is a spray, some of it will tend to get onto the floor and if you remember, it is oily. Lucky for me I spray it in the bathroom. i did not try rinsing it away but I think I should not be a hassel rinsing it off.

5. Office wear

I want to know what items you guys out there bought during GSS too. Feel free to comment n leave me your link ya =DD

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